Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Mom Bod, Confidence, and the Best Gift

Contrary to what I have heard/popular belief, and maybe I'll get backlash for this, I feel like my postpartum body has made me way more confident than I have ever been in my entire life. Yes, I have stretch marks and I have been blessed with weighing less than I did prior to getting pregnant (this was a battle though due to Gestational Diabetes during my pregnancy), but embracing this new body and what it gave me has changed the way I view and treat myself. I hear so many new moms being self conscious of their postpartum body, but ladies look what you got out of it! Remember the next time you look in the mirror and pick apart the red stretch marks, extra weight, or loose skin, that you made a person! A literal person came out of you! I honestly feel like completely different person than before, but I think this is a good thing.If your the same, just remember you have an opportunity to reinvent, become a better version of yourself, and create a new identity that includes being a mommy.

Overtime when you tear yourself down remember you are a warrior, you brought another life into this world and if you are carrying weight whether it be literal or emotional you have the best gift you could ask for in front of you and for the rest of your life. So what if it takes a while or even never to get back to your old normal, you have a new normal and its a billion times better than it ever was before. If your having a hard time don't forget to reach out and talk to those closest to you. If you don't have a support system create one, your local hospital most likely has groups that you can meet other new moms. With social media now there is such an opportunity to create or join an online community through blogging or Instagram.

Make sure you are also taking care of yourself and getting a little time to yourself for your sanity. I have learned even a 5 minute shower in silence and taking extra time to massage in my conditioner changes my entire mood and vibe!

So next time you tear yourself down, take a deep breathe, jam out to some Lizzo or Halsey, put your hair in a bun, and remember you are the baddest bitch around and you can do anything! Also if you need to talk I'm here.


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