Friday, December 7, 2018

Weekly Low Down

Long time no low down...I haven't done one of these in 2 weeks I think, holy moly! We were camping and had no access to the internet for Thanksgiving, and then last Friday was my birthday, so I didn't do anything blog related and took the day off. I think from now on I might do this every other week on Friday just so I have more interesting things to share with you guys! I have missed a couple blog post the last couple weeks but want to make it up to you guys with some new stuff! Before I continue babbling on, let's crack into the blog post shall we!

1. Another Year Older
So as I mentioned in the introduction to this blog post last weekend was my birthday! I am now officially 27 years old! I really want to focus on making this 27th year the best year of my life and have some great things headed your way in the new year...I'm seriously thinking of starting a Youtube channel. That will be a whole new ballgame for me and I'm so excited to share the new journey with you. I will setting some goals for the new year, but also have some in mind that are unique to me turning a year older. Do you have your new years resolutions yet? If you would like me to share mine please let me know in the comments below.

2. Ariana Grande Thank you, Next
Okay, if you were born in the 90's and are a girl this is literally the funniest and most relatable music video I have ever seen! I don't normally listen to Ariana Grande, but this new song and video are seriously hilarious. It also has some familiar faces in it which makes it even funnier. I just put it on to get the link for this post and totally got sucked into watching it again because it's so hilarious! Hahaha...

3. Heading to my first ever blogging event/ meet-up this weekend!
I'm both as excited as I am nervous. Meeting new people is slightly scary to me, but I have been talking to a couple of these ladies for a while now and can't wait to finally meet them.

4. Black Friday and Thanksgiving is over! 
Instead of the hustle and bustle of meeting up with family and shopping for Black Friday, Mike (my husband) and I went camping up in Northern Maine. We ended up going snow shoeing and he totally burnt my it was black! So I just ended up eating mash potatoes, stuffing, and veggies...I was probably better off anyway. We took the dogs with us, and it was freezing. We do have a trailer up at the camp and a wood stove so we weren't camping on the ground, but it was definitely a cool experience to do during the winter months.

5. Buckets full of Gift Guides headed your way.
I know this hasn't exactly happened yet, however, there are some already posted in the gift guide section of the blog. I intend to go gift guide crazy for you guys because it seems like you have really liked the one's I have done so far. So keep your eyes peeled or make sure you subscribe/follow so you get all the new content first and directly!

Have a great Friday guys!


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