Friday, November 9, 2018

Weekly Low Down

The first week of November has come and gone and it feels like Christmas is creeping closer and closer (even if it is inch by inch). So many people are talking about how their Christmas trees are already up and their holiday decorations are all set...IT'S NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING YET! This may be perceived as blasphemous coming out of the mouth of a blogger, but for me and my house, it just seems a little early. It appears like people are decorating earlier and earlier every year. Next thing you know the Halloween decorations are going to start bleeding into winter wonderland territory, but I digress. I don't want to get on a rant, because let's face it, the decorations are gorgeous, and it's an individual's choice when to put up their own decorations. This week there was a couple of things of note that I thought was worth mentioning, so let's crack into it!

1. H&M x Moschino
Let me premise by saying a lot of these items, lets be real the majority of them aren't exactly my style. However, the reason I'm mentioning this is because this launch has been hyped up and talked about so damn much lately. It finally came into stores and online on the 8th and there are actually a lot of items, and because it is H&M they are actually affordable, at least by Moschino terms any way. There aren't that many items left, so if you have a style that tends to lean more in the 90's hip hop direction I would say check it out. I love H&M, and Moschino has some pieces that I would purchase, if I could afford it ($1000 for a sweater dress...not quite at the point in my life when that makes sense!) but I browsed their collaboration and there wasn't actually any thing that I would see myself wearing (maybe better luck next time).

2. Finally finished watching Haunting of Hill House
This show was a series of rides, I don't want to say a roller coaster, you know what it was a whole damn theme park! The story lines were both deep and interesting but also confusing as all hell. There are so many things left in the air, and I want to know who all the ghosts are. If you like horror, I would check this show out, there are some slow points, but there's also some great jump scares along the way too. I wouldn't be opposed to watching a second season if Netflix was to release it.

3. My 3 Year Wedding Anniversary
As of November 7th, my husband and I have been married for 3 years. We have actually been together for almost 8 years in total, but 5 of those were just as boyfriend and girlfriend. Everyday I's surprised to see what marriage has just around the corner and am always excited to take the day on with Mike. He's the strongest, thoughtful, and funniest guy I know. I can say this because he probably won't read it, but he can also be a trouble maker when he wants to be (but don't tell him that!). I'm looking forward to so many more years to come and can't wait to see what the future holds for us.

4. Target Haul and My First IGTV Video
I took the plunge, I posted my first ever video on the internet via Instagram TV (IGTV). The picture quality and lighting is shotty at best, and it is unedited, but I needed to post it before I chickened out. I would love to learn more about video editing and increasing video quality because I think I want to start a youtube channel as well. If you have any tips, they are greatly welcomed and even requested of the comments below.

5. Gift guide
As I rant at the top of this post about Christmas coming too early, I did post my first gift guide to the blog this week (you can find it here). I decided to start with really affordable gifts for people that may be on a budget and all of them are actually $25 or under! I also added two new categories to the top of the blog, Gift Guides and Travel. I posted it so early because even though I think decorations can wait, the best gifts can't, and it's always good to get your holiday shopping done sooner rather than later.


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