Friday, November 16, 2018

Weekly Low Down

This week was not as eventful as previous ones, but regardless some great things have been happening. It seems like it isn't fall anymore, so winter has starting creeping in and with it, all the holiday preparations. I can't wait to put up my tree after Thanksgiving, because then I'll really feel the Christmas vibes. The weather is changing which means so is style, beauty, and skincare. Now is the time to switch your routine and find new more wintery day-to-day activities. I have a new skincare routine coming to the blog soon along with much more winter and holiday content, so stay tuned.

These 5 things are the items that have been on my radar this week and what I found most interesting. What has been on your radar this week?

1. Balenciaga CGI Models
I don't know whether think this campaign is the weirdest thing I have ever seen or the coolest. CGI models are shown and contorted almost to pay an ode to how models and influencers are edited in the space today. If you click here and watch the video, let me know in the comments below what you think. It's almost like a horror movie but one that is cool too...I don't know, you'll just have to watch it an tell me what you think! As horrible as it sounds it kind of reminds of the don't smoke cigarette adds that used to play on MTV growing up...I do like it a weird way.

2. Winter is Here
Last night was the first snow fall of the year where I live and it was followed by rain so the snow stuck and froze. I spent the majority of my day shoveling today, and holy crap am I sore! Shovel is not an easy feat when you have a really long drive way! The snow is beautiful, until you have to shovel it! I got some really nice pictures though so I guess that's a win.

3. You guys really liked my Best Photo Editing Apps for Instagram and Nordstrom sale posts! 
So much so in fact that this is the highest week of traffic Who's the Mo has ever seen! I want to thank everyone that is reading and I would love to focus on making this blog a community where we can chat about beauty and fashion.

4. Thanksgiving and Black Friday is already next week.
I have started to put together gift guides for the holiday season already which you can find at the top of my blog or by clicking here. We are actually going camping for Thanksgiving so I won't have any WIFI, but don't worry I plan on having posts scheduled to go up while I'm gone. If there are any posts you would like to see from me please let me know.

Last, but certainly not least, I got excepted into Reward Style this week. If you would like to hear more about what this is and how I'm using it on my blog, I did a blog post on it yesterday that you can find here. I also added a tab to the top of my blog that brings your directly to my page. There you can shop all my Instagram photos and figure out where all the stuff I'm wearing is from.

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