Friday, November 2, 2018

The Cold Weather Accessories You Need This Winter

Now that it is November, its a slippery slope before the weather starts getting colder and before you know it, its already Christmas! No, I don't think I'm getting carried away and here's why. Before I left for Mexico it was literally 35 degrees where I live! As in Fahrenheit people...a couple degrees lower and it would be snowing! So before we get buried in the snow and the weather shifts, now is the time to stock up on all your cold weather cozies!

The essentials that we can't forget about include but aren't limited to parkas, scarves, hats, ear warmers, and gloves or mittens. Personally I'm a glove person, I can't stand not being able to move my fingers, not only does it feel can do way less with mittens than gloves! But anyways I digress, I have picked out a couple of my favorites for each section I hope you enjoy giving them a look. Are you a mitten or glove type of person? I linked both just incase you liked either or.

1. Hats and Beanies

2. Scarves
3. Coats
4. Gloves and Mittens

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