Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Review of Xcaret Park in Cancun, Mexico

While in Mexico, my mom and I got to leave the resort and go to Tulum (you can find my blog post here) and Xcaret, a Mayan centered theme park. We ended up going to the part during the Day of the Dead holiday festivities and got to watch a special show that only occurs once a year on November 1st. We only ended up booking the excursion for a half day, so we arrived at the park around 3:30pm and were there until 9:40pm.

These are actually decorated coconuts, and we got ours filled with margaritas. 

I will say this was not nearly enough time to see everything in the park especially because the show began at 6:30pm and ended at 8:30pm leaving us really only 2.5 hours to explore. We did get to see an example of what a Mexican graveyard would look like and how personal each grave site is to each person. I took a couple pictures because some of them are just so aesthetically pleasing and intricate.

This was my favorite of all of them, I love how the dog is just sitting there almost like he is waiting for his owner. It's so sad but also so heart warming!

As we were walking through the park we walked past the underground river. Because we only went for a half day, we didn't bring our bathing suits because we wouldn't have had time to swim anyway.

As we explored, there were families every where and it was a little difficult to get from place to place comfortably. It was almost like Disney World on a busy day! I will say if you have children or don't mind large crowds this is a great place to to learn history for tourists. It is also a great place to bring children to while you are on vacation. However, if you aren't keen on a lot of people being close to you (I'm not!) that part will most likely not be your favorite. As we got a little further in the park it was easier to move around and we got to see authentic products and vendors selling their creations. A couple of my favorites were the hand painted feathers and the wooden animals. I really liked the owl sculptures and those stood out to me the most. They also had hand woven textiles, however I didn't take a picture of that.

We did get hungry and stopped of at a small vendor that offered vegetarian sandwiches. The food was not great in my opinion and one of the sandwiches we couldn't even eat. We ordered ice tea but it ended up tasting like lime juice with a splash of tea. I would suggest shelling out for the restaurants in the park or waiting until you get back to the resort to eat, because the food, at least what we got, was no bueno!

I will say the show and shopping were probably the most eventful parts of the park. However, we ended up leaving the show early because it was way to hot and we were getting bored and tired. The first part of the show was entertaining though and I even got some great pictures. The entire show was in Spanish so if thats not your thing I would steer clear. But with the acting and a base knowledge of Mayan history you can catch on and understand what the actors are trying to say.

I like owls. 

This dog made my night, some people may think he's ugly, I on the other hand, wanted to jump on stage and pet him (I know he has no hair, but still!)! 

This flamingo totally gives me Lilly Pulitzer vibes! 

At this point I felt like someone slipped something into my Corona with all these crazy lights and how hot it was in there. Obviously no one did, but holy moly was this cool! 

The men that can do this are not only complete bad asses but totally out of their minds crazy! I would never, I mean never, do this in my entire life. So props to them for being crazy talented and just crazy enough to have the balls to do this!

There was also a lot of animals through out the park so I took a couple snaps of them. My favorite had to be the random, probably stray cat that was walking through the park, he was just so cute (don't touch or pet them though guys, they are stray animals).

To make a long story short, If I was to have the chose again, I probably wouldn't go back. Maybe unless it was when I had children in the future. Even then I would probably go a different time of year, at least to the park. The holiday made it a busy time for both tourists and locals, but I think this would be a great experience for families with children. There was even news coverage at the entrance, so that makes me think that day was a big deal in the local area. The cultural significance and the experience was wonderful, and one I won't forget. However, there are plenty of other things to do in Mexico, as an adult, before heading to Xcaret. Have you ever been to Xcaret? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below, I'm interested to hear if others had a different experience.


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