Tuesday, November 6, 2018

October Fashion Favorites

Chillier temps in New Hampshire this time of year compared to the upwards of 90 degree weather I experienced in Mexico made this past month's fashion favorites a jumble of two seasons. If you are going on vacation anytime soon or live in a warmer climate, some of these may suit you just fine. Even if you aren't it is always great to stock up for next year! Don't worry though, the majority of these are my fall fashion favorites and work well with the weather changes we are about to see!

If you follow me on Instagram, or have seen the curated outfits I have put together for the blog than you know that I am so obsessed with these Leopard Print Steve Madden mules! If I could I would literally wear these everyday, if only leopard print matched with everything! I would love to see if they have solid colors in this style, because if they do this may be my all time favorite everyday shoe!

Remaining on the leopard print trend, I have a new favorite leopard sweater people! That is saying a lot because I have been consistently adding to my ever growing collection. Normal people collect things like stamps or even shoes...I collect sweaters, at least this time of year. They are my top of choice and  are perfect for layering or creating a simple outfit on their own. The one that I have been loving recently is this one from the Loft. This is so soft and comfy that I could literally wear this around the house as leisure wear if I wanted to! I couldn't recommend this style enough because it allows you to add a statement to an outfit without going over the top.

Okay, I know, I know, this is the last animal print favorite I PROMISE!! But, I could resist the call of these snake print booties from ASOS. They are just subtle enough to wear everyday but can be dressed up to make a statement as well. The heel is chunky enough for all day wear, and they are surprisingly comfortable!

Sticking on the comfort train, this Francesca's cardigan is so soft, I even wear it around the house sometimes just to relax in. Not only that, I get so many people asking me where it's from when I wear it and people even ask if they can come up and touch it!

Anytime the weather is mild and in between the summer sun and cold hard climate of winter, i.e. fall or spring, I can help but to break out a good denim jacket. I have been loving the destroyed denim jacket trend recently, and think you can add it to so many outfits to dress the outfit down or just add the finishing touch to a casual look.

I have to mention this, because this was my favorite accessory while on vacation. Unfortunately I ad to throw it away after returning home because in fell in the ocean and was destroyed. But, lets take a moment to look back and appreciate what this fun logo hat offered! It says "Tequila Por Favor," and was perfect for Mexico.

I had to include my sherpa vest from Francesca's and my vest from J.crew. Just like the denim jacket these are great to add over any outfit to give some added warmth and complete any look.

The Naketano sweatshirt I got from Pretty Little Things in Portsmouth is so comfortable, soft, and warm. The stripes and neckline make it stand out from any normal sweatshirt and the quality is top notch!


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