Tuesday, November 27, 2018

How to Keep Clothes Nice with Pets

Do you ever feel like your the person who can't have nice things? Your not alone...this thought runs through my mind multiple times a day. It can be difficult to keep clothing nice with pets especially if they shed or have a chewing problem. I always feel like I'm chasing after my dogs for some reason or another, but I have developed some tried and true methods to keep my clothes and shoes nice and away from my sweet fur babies.

Some people may see these as common sense and others as new tips and tricks, but these are the things I do to keep my clothing nice. I know I have some new readers on here so I will get you up to speed on my pets. I have three dogs, and they are all very different and have VERY different personalities. Even though this is the case they all get along so well, and I realize I'm very lucky.

Alright so going in chronological order, my first pup's name is Chancey. Chancey is a black mouth cur and pitfall mix, and is the sweetest and most gentle dog you will ever meet. He is also a bit lazy and loves anything warm and soft that he can cuddle up with and sleep for hours.

Next is Kipper, I call him sweet Kippy. He is the cuddliest most lovable and loyal dog I have ever had. He is a Chinese crested and maltese mix and though he is small, he has a really big personality. He can be territorial at times, but he is just protecting the things he loves.

Lastly, and the newest addition to our family is Ophelia. Ophelia is a English Springer Spaniel and is only 1 year old. She has so much energy 100% of the time and just wants to play 24/7. She is obsessed with her tennis ball and will literally carry it every where with her.

All right now that you are up to speed lets crack into the meat and potatoes of the post, how I keep my clothes nice with pets.

1. Hang the pieces you care about the most.
Either in your closet or on a clothing rack in a separate room. This keeps your clothes straight, up high, and away from your pets. I have found, I'm less likely to get dog hair on my clothes if they are hung.

2. Lint roller and bobble remover.
This one is pretty simple but I have found a few hacks that make this super useful. I will lint roll my clothing before putting it in the washing machine, especially my black clothing. I always feel like black is such a difficult color to wear at least for me because of my pets. I started lint rolling my items before they went in the wash and they come out fresher and hair free!

4. If you use your dryer, you must consistently clean out the lint trap!
Not only to prevent dryer fires...because ahh scary! This makes it easier for your dryer to pull all the lint and hair out of the items you are drying.

3. Change into pajamas or comfy clothes if you are staying in ASAP. 
If you take of the clothes you wore for the day and change into something more comfortable, it is less likely for your pets to jump on what your wearing. I can't tell you how many times I have been wearing one of my favorite pieces of knitwear and then a pup jumps up and pulls a bunch of threads.

4. Put shoes away and don't leave out on the floor.
This may mean getting a shoe rack or leaving your shoes in a separate room. What ever it takes to make sure they are not in chewing distance of the pups!

5. Wipe your dogs paws after they come inside.
This tip is both good for them and you! Wiping their paws makes sure they won't get any matted hairs and makes them more comfortable. It also means they won't jump on you and get what ever your wearing muddy or dirty!

6. Lastly, there is no way to get around this...sweep, vacuum, and dust often.
I can't tell you how much dust and hair my dogs bring into the house, and it seems like a never ending battle. However, if you keep up with it and vacuum, sweep, and dust as frequently as possibly your less likely to get hair and dust on your clothes.

I hope these tips helped. Do you have any tips for keeping your clothes nice with pets around? Let me know in the comments below.

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Have a great day!


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