Monday, October 8, 2018

Life Lessons My Dogs Have Taught Me

Nothing is more satisfying than coming home and being greeted at the door by my three fur babies. That's right, I have three dogs! Kipper is the sweetest little maltese mix that just wants to cuddle all the time. Chancey is the big, lazy beefcake and he is black mouth cur, pitbull mix. Ophelia is the newest addition to our family and she is just a ball of energy 24/7. She just turned 1 year old at the end of August and still has all the energy of a puppy. Having dogs can teach you many things including but not limited to responsibility. However, this post isn't going to be about how my dogs have taught me responsibility. These are other lessons that at the time may have pissed me off beyond belief, but looking back they were both what I needed to get out of my head and valuable lessons I will carry through out my entire life (especially when I have kids in the future).

1. Don’t value things as much as you value people and time.
 I cant tell you how many times I have bought a brand new clothing item and some how the puppy gets a hold of it and rips it up or jumps up on it while all muddy. This can be quite frustrating when your favorite top gets a big claw mark down the middle, but at the end of the day its just a shirt. This dog is giving you unconditional love so what is a little damaged replaceable shirt every once in a while, am I right? 

2. Roll with the punches/go with the flow.
Training your dog means you can expect them to give you their paw when you ask or lay down when you offer a treat, but this is a little more complex than that. Essentially what I mean by this is don’t expect something to happen 100% of the time. A dog can be like a child in a sense and often times I have found them to be impulsive. When we lived in Florida, Chancey would chase after wild animals and drop "presents" at the back door including but not limited to raccoons and armadillos (don't worry we got him checked out, no rabies or illness). There was even a time that Kipper and Chancey got sprayed by a skunk...this was probably the grossest day of my life. Long story short, somehow the skunk spray got on my face and in my mouth...enough said. You have to realize that sometimes there are things you can't control and in order to live life effectively and to the fullest you have to go with whats thrown at you and make the best of it. 

3. Patience can be the most important virtue.
This is a big lesson that anyone that has ever had a puppy can completely understand. House training a puppy can be a challenging and lengthy process, but it is so rewarding when your dog finally understands. Yelling and frustration doesn't get you very far and you'll soon realize that the best way to succeed is consistency, just like many things in life. 

4. Sometimes nothing matters more than a good meal and a cuddle. 
At the end of the day, nothing makes me feel better than being at home with my family, enjoying a meal, and cuddling up on the couch and watching the Office (We have watched it like 50 times, but something about Jim and Pams' love story makes me tear up to this day!) Knowing that I'm coming home to three lovable hounds always makes my days better and my time at home something I wouldn't trade for the world! 

If you have pets, what is a valuable lesson they have taught you? Let me know in the comments below.


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