Saturday, October 20, 2018

Let Curiosity Lead Adventure

Have you ever felt like you wanted to do something adventurous, but soon after thought of reasons and excuses as to why it wouldn't work? What about being curious of something, but feeling bogged down by your perceptions of how others will react? Curiosity is what allows you to learn and grow as a person, and you should never allow anyone else to extinguish your curiosity or sense of adventure. In a sense, I think this is why childhood is so idealized in our culture, children are willing to be curious and adventurous without the fear of others' perceptions.

When I say adventure, it doesn't have to mean sky diving or anything over the top. One person's thought of adventure can be vastly different than another's. For example, ever since we moved back to New Hampshire, there has been this back road that we have driven down too many times to count. This road has the most gorgeous stream that runs along the side and the sunlight shines through the trees a certain way that is just too stunning to describe. I have always wanted to stop and admire the stream and take a picture, and never did. It took three years before I decided to pull over and take a picture in front of the stream (you can find it on my Instagram). I let my curiosity win over my thought that the people driving by would think I was crazy for setting up my tripod and taking a picture.

Like I said, adventure doesn't have to be something extravagant or long-term, it could just mean pulling over to the side of the road to admire nature. Everyone has mini adventures in their everyday life. Another adventure we had this week was exploring our local park, Pawtuckaway State Park. I wanted to take some pictures and thought this was the perfect setting to do so! This is the park we really like taking the dogs to because of the lake, but also because it is a great place to go hiking. We walked down the hiking trails and ended at our favorite fishing spot to take pictures.

I guess this post is more about how I want to challenge myself to hop into my daily adventures and live my days to the fullest. Most people if not all of them are more interested in their own lives than yours, so worrying about what you think others think if just hurting you. So I challenge you to take on your daily adventures and not ignore them. The biggest rewards never come from something easy. So if you want to pull over to look at nature, then you pull over at look at nature (As long as its safe of course!)! Let me know in the comments below what daily adventures you had today.

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