Sunday, September 16, 2018

August Fashion Favorites

August is always a difficult month fashion-wise for me, because I am getting so excited for fall fashion and want to wear my cozy sweaters and over the knee boots. However, it is still summer, and I have come to find that the heat is just too much for a certain someone (me) to take their J.crew puffer vest and a plaid out of the depths of their closet before mid September. if you have been following me on Instagram you can tell that I couldn't hold back wearing the new additions to my wardrobe I purchased these past two months including all the comfy sweaters. Even as an adult, maybe this is just me, but August always puts me in a spendy mood wanting to get ready for fall even though for the first time in oh so many years I don't have to go back to school. I'm excited to offer more fashion content for my blog and can't wait to start posting on a more regular basis now that I don't have school work to deal with. I'm still thinking of the blogging schedule that works best for me but I will keep you guys posted. But without babbling on too much about the technical stuff lets crack into my August fashion favorites.

Hunter rain boots, they aren't only obsessed with aesthetic that they offer in Instagram pictures but also the durability and capability in keeping their feet dry. During the month of August there were a couple rainy days here in the grand ol' state of New Hampshire and these boots kept my feet completely dry while still looking stylish. I went back and forth for a while debating on whether or not I should invest in a tall pair, or stick with the shorter pair, and I'm glad I bought the short pair first. They aren't too heavy and are perfect for warmer days when you don't want a big boot making your legs sweat. I will be buying the taller pair but these are great because they aren't too heavy, they are easier to carry around, and they look almost like a normal booty.
I think many bloggers out there would agree that if they own a pair

The heat was real this past month, but if I was indoors whether it be out and about shopping or at work, keeping my favorite plaid shirt on stand-by was a must. I get so many compliments on this plaid from American Eagle, it is so soft and comfy and is great for layering. It will definitely be something I wear through fall and winter this year.

I may have gotten a little carried away on the denim jackets in August. I now own 4 denim jackets, but they are all just a little different. I can sense the eye rolling through the computer now...I know, I know but it's true. In normal circumstances I wouldn't say anyone needs 4 different denim jackets, but they bring me happiness okay!? I think these will be a great fall staple and even possibly carry into winter with some layering. If you would like to see a post on how I style my denim jackets let me know in the comments below.

Another item I may have gotten a little carried away on would definitely have to be high-waisted mini skirts. I now own 4 corduroy high waisted skirts, and honestly I'm not upset about it, they pair so easily with so many outfits and will definitely be a part of my fall uniform.

I love my recent purchases from This alien t-shirt is so darn cute and I was so excited to get to wear it this past month. I get so many people asking where my "I come in peas" shirt is from and it is actually from this site.

When I saw this "Dog Mother Wine Lover" hat, I knew it was coming home with me. Not only because I have a house full of fur babies but because I am what some might call a lover of wine. I actually have a wine subscription..yes like a magazine lol...and receive 6 bottles every 2 months through First Leaf Wine Club. If you would like to give the wine club a try if you click here you can get  your first 3 bottles for FREE (you just have to pay shipping and tax!) Yes, FREE WINE!!!!!

This pink western purse was somewhat of a spontaneous purchase. As I walked through my closest American Eagle store a small pink purse called my name from the top of one of the perfectly folded tables housing oodles of denim. I looked around and no one was insight I walked over to the table for a moment and stared at the solitary little purse, paced around the back and picked it right up, it was meant to be because there were no other purses like it in the entire store, I wonder if they sold out or only received one. I brought it to the register and after purchasing it this little baby came home with me to join my growing collection of handbags. I don't own anything like this purse and thought the western buckle detailing made it super cute and it would be easy to style with so many outfits.

The links below have the same item or similar items to the ones mentioned above, some items I could not find anymore. I also added some other items that I like that could be styled in similar ways.

If you like the outfit photos, I post daily to my Instagram (@whosthemo)!

Have a good day guys!


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