Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Floral pants and Screen tees- Long lost blog post

I can't believe I'm not in school anymore, has anyone else had the disbelief after graduating that you just might have class on Monday. I find it hard to believe I can just use my time as I please...its so damn liberating. I've been an adult for a while now, at least I would consider myself one, but I feel like I have reached serious adulting status right now! I can clean my couch...I can choose not to clean my couch...I can Febreze my couch...I can do what ever the fuck I want. I can't wait to go hiking, go to see movies again (the last movie I saw in the movie theater was Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them), go out to eat for the heck of it, and travel!

I would say this outfit is an ode to what ever the heck I want because all my friends thought these pants were the ugliest things they had ever seen. On the other hand I was like look at those they are so cute and look super comfortable...cue the eye rolls now. "Morgan you look like a grandma..Morgan stop those are hideous...Morgan stop." Well you know what Morgan did, she strolled right into H&M and bought her grandma pants with pride. Okay I'm going to stop using third person right now its kind of annoying me and probably you too.

 Walking by the window at my local H&M I saw these pants paired with a blue Saturday shirt and was like I have to have that entire outfit. After much deliberation (12 seconds in H&M) I came to the logical conclusion that I would not wear a shirt that says Saturday on any other day of the week than Saturday and I could not justify buying the shirt because I was not going to wear it every Saturday. Instead I found this cute and comfy graphic tee for only $10 and it says "...how I want to live my life." I though that is literally my philosophy in a shirt and I had to have it. Some may say these are grandma pants others may say they are cute I am part of the latter group. They are so breezy and  comfortable and would be great for a laid back day shopping, hanging, or doing what ever it is that you do on laid back days (can you tell I haven't had one in a while?).

I am in love with this style pant with some flat sandals and a basic white tee or screen tee. When I say screen tee I really just mean a white tee with a little writing on it. This is such a basic spring summer staple that is easy and comfortable to throw on. Does anyone have any recommendations for pants this style but in solid colors? Though this post is from May, I still love these pants and wear them all the time, I recently picked up a palm print and I always get compliments on them!

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