Saturday, March 17, 2018

5 Ways I Reduce Stress

Going back to school, having a full-time job, and blogging I often get asked how I can handle everything on my plate and the answer is I just keep going no matter what (Blogging I see as more of a hobby than a task though). Lets get real, don't get me wrong there are times that I am brought to tears from the shear amount of things I have to do, but its all about getting it done and getting through. So I thought I would share a couple ways I keep my sanity and reduce stress.

1. Get into a routine and stay organized, or at least try to. This is definitely easier said than done, but once you have a set routine you are more likely to get things done in a timely manner and stay organized. I know it sounds horrible but even waking up 15 minutes earlier to start implementing this routine will make you so much happier through out the day. Whether this be doing your hair and or makeup, having breakfast, or doing something for yourself in the morning, even 15 minutes helps. Don't get me wrong there are mornings when I would rather sleep longer than do my hair and makeup, but when I do, I find myself rushing out the door and grabbing a coffee and bagel from Dunkin' Donuts rather than eating a healthier option at home (cue the shaking fingers now).

2. Maybe not in the current blizzard, but the other tip I have is to get outside and enjoy nature. If you live in a city try making time to go to a park, go hiking, or go the beach depending on the time of year or location where you live. When the weather permits I will even go outside and sit on my deck with an ice coffee in hand and just stare off into space just thinking of new ideas and things I have to do. This is so therapeutic and gives your mind a break from all the other things you have going on, which for me is school work and being the boss and work. Having just a moment to yourself to just breathe and think is so helpful for mental clarity and has definitely assisted me many times in letting certain things go. The ice coffee helps too of course, but there is just something so calming about sitting outdoors and letting your worries melt away even if its only for a couple minutes.

3. This is so cheesy...Blogging. I find allowing myself to release word vomit into written/typed form is therapeutic and relaxes me. There is something different about the way I think when I am writing a blog post when compared to writing a paper or doing homework. Possibly it is the creative license to write about what I want when I want but I find it so rewarding to read through after a blog post is completed and passed my seal of approval.

4. Cooking, I do follow a plant based diet and love the creativity trying out new recipes entails. My favorites so far happen to be crispy mandarin tofu, black bean meatballs, chickpea patties and tenders, buffalo cauliflower tacos (pictured below), and a tropical bean salad. If you would like me to post recipes to the blog just let me know, maybe I can add another tab to the top just for cooking and recipes!

5. Listening to Podcasts...Can I just say... I am absolutely obsessed with the Podcast "And That's Why We Drink." The ladies involved Em Schulz and Christine Schiefer deliver hilarious podcasts that delve into true crime and paranormal stories. I am so addicted even my coworkers know about my obsession. These ladies are so funny and once you start listening I'm warning you, you won't be able to stop! Right now I am listening to them on either Spotify or iTunes, and just incase you weren't aware on iTunes it is free to listen! If you listen to an episode let me know, when ever I am listening it feels like I am in a room with my best friends chatting.

If you have any tips that help you reduce stress please comment below. Also if you would like daily pictures I post to instagram everyday at least once a day. (@whosthemo)

Happy St.Patricks Day by the way and have a great weekend! Chat with you soon.


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