Sunday, July 9, 2017

Tatcha Skincare Review

I found out about the brand Tatcha by looking through the Sephora app late one night and adding items to my shopping cart that I may or may not have purchased (I know we all do it!). When I stumbled upon this Tatcha set I was roped in by the amazing amount of positive reviews and personal experience statements and I had to make the purchase and give it a try. 

Tatcha is an amazing Japanese beauty/skincare brand developed by a creator who struggled first hand with acute dermatitis. The brand uses superfoods commonly found in a Japanese diet like green tea. You can feel good both inside and out purchasing from them due to their philanthropic nature and amazing products. If you support Tatcha your also supporting foundations like Room to Read’s Girls’ Education program which helps pay for girls in Asia and Africa to go to school, how amazing is that!? Im done appreciating them as a brand so now we can move on to the products...

I have been using the Pure one step camellia cleansing oil every night since I purchased this set. I was initially worried about using a oil cleanser considering its summer and I didn't want my skin to be too oily...I normally don't even have oily skin (combination-dry), so I don't know why I had this worry...but anyway... I usually take all my eye makeup off first with a micellar water or eye makeup remover and then move on to washing my face. This cleansing oil is a gentle face cleanser that is super easy to use and wash off. My face feels very clean after using it. There is no crazy scent, it is an easy no fuss facial cleanser that is perfect for sensitive skin.

The polished classic rice enzyme powder is initially what drew me into the conversation about the entire Tatcha brand. There was so much hype behind this product I expected it to have something along the lines of unicorn dust in it. While it is not unicorn dust, this product is pretty good. This gentle exfoliant comes in powder form and is activated once it is mixed with a little water. I usually pour a small amount in my hands and then run my hand under a trickling faucet very quickly. As far as physical exfoliants go I have never used one this gentle but the end product did leave my skin smooth. However, if I was looking to get rid of any bumps on the skin I would probably use my Ole Henrikson facial sauna scrub. 

This moisturizer is literally my favorite product out of the bunch. I love everything about it, the smell, the way it makes my skin feel, and the silky texture of the product. If I had to pick only on product out of all of these it would have to be the moisturizer. I truly enjoy putting this on my skin, it makes it feel so smooth, fresh, and clean. As the name suggests this is in fact a supple moisture rich silk cream (these are the best words to describe what your actually getting-way to go Tatcha marketing team!). This one product makes my nightly routine enjoyable, and for that reason this is my favorite moisturizer right now! I know its a big claim, but it is so true.

The last product is the luminous deny skin mist, to be completely honest I have not used this product as much as the others (but that could be because I am stuck on the Caudalie face mist right now). The product itself lets out a fine mist which I appreciate especially when I have makeup on my face. This is a great mist to use after applying your makeup or to just refresh your face through out the day.

Have you tried anything from Tatcha? What is your favorite skincare product right now?

Have a great day!

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