Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How to Get a Summer Glow Minus the Sun: My Favorite Highlighters

Its summer time and the sun is out in full force, so that means if your like me you probably often try to avoid looking like a lobster. In that instance, I try to limit my sun exposure to the essential and douse myself in sunscreen. However, this isn't alway the best way to obtain a summer glow. But fear not, because these awesome highlighters or illuminating makeup products are valuable allies in the fight to make skin appear sun kissed and glowy.

This YSL touche ├ęclat glow shot is new to my collection but is definitely a gorgeous highlighter that packs a punch. This is shade number 2 (sunrise) and is a pink and gold tinted highlighter that gives a natural dewy glow to the skin. The squeeze tube makes application super easy, it almost looks like a lot of eye creams that are on the market as far as packaging is concerned. I will say that I do like to pat this on rather than rub or buff into the skin because the effect can be reduced if it is blended into the skin too much.

This Hourglass palette is one of those ride or die items that I think I will always have until I hit pan or it gets to old to use. I love wearing this when I'm not wearing foundation and I often get complimented on how good my skin looks when this is on my face. This is a full face palette equipped with 2 highlighter shades, a bronzer, and 2 blushes. And the packaging...Oh the packaging...the marble-esk (hard plastic) palette is beautiful and totally Instagramable.

If you have read any of my blog posts or follow me on social media, you'll know how much I adore the It Cosmetics CC+ illumination cream. This isn't a highlighter, but I wanted to include this because it gives an amazing all over dewy complexion that lasts all day without getting oily. It also includes a sunscreen within the product so its great for days when you know you are going to be outside but also want to wear makeup.

This palette is also relatively new to my collection, but the color payoff and the way these highlighters attract light is amazing. This is the Smashbox spotlight palette by Casey Holmes in gold. This comes with three shades and gives a flawless and vibrant highlight that always gets noticed. This is one of those highlighters that people are like wow, your glowing! What I love about this is that you can apply it with a light hand for a more subtle look or pack it on for a more glamorous night-time look.

Because I'm nosey and generally just curious...What is your favorite highlighter right now? 


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