Friday, July 21, 2017

Drugstore Makeup Haul and Review

I was having one of those days were the allure of the drug store makeup aisle pulled me in and I couldn't help but look at all the colorful hoards of makeup and add more to my ever growing collection. There was no real method to my madness, I literally browsed the aisle and picked up what caught my eye and sounded enticing. A couple of these items caught my eye due to hype I may have heard about them whereas others just looked like something I would like to try out.

Once I picked up the first item I knew I had to turn around to get a basket or risk spilling all my coveted items all over the floor (think "my precious" via Lord of the Rings Golum), so thats exactly what I did and then resumed my beauty binge.

The first items I saw upon entering the beauty section of the drug store was the new Colour Riche Matte Lip Color from Loreal. They have a vast array of colors, but just as with any new lip product I try I tend to gravitate towards the nude shades. The shade I chose was "Matte-sterpiece," its a gorgeous pinky nude. The matte black bullet makes this product look much more high end than it actually is with a price tag of only $8.99 per lipstick! But, packaging isn't everything...the formulation is actually hydrating. Sound the beauty alarm bells its finally an affordable hydrating matte lip color. I can see myself wearing this lip color both day and night and carrying it through the seasons, I am so glad I picked this color up.

Another Loreal Colour Riche Matte lip product I grabbed was this lip pencil in "Matte's it." This is more of a purple toned nude and I thought it would look great with other lip products I already have in my collection, possibly Kat Von D's liquid lipstick in "Lolita." This packaging makes this look like its not a sharpenable liner but it actually is meaning that the product itself will last through many applications.
The next product is also Loreal, but I had actually heard some great things about a highlighter from this range possibly being a dupe for a much higher end product (Tom Ford highlighter duo). Though the one I chose is not the dupe for the color, the formulation and the way the light hits the highlighter s gorgeous. Whats so great about this highlighter is there is four shades that can be worn alone or mixed together to achieve what ever type of highlighter color you are striving for.

Moving on from Loreal to Maybelline, this Blushed nudes palette caught my eye right away. Many of the colors in this palette are unlike anything I have in my collection and I thought adding this to my basket would be a great idea. Not all the shades are equal as far as color payoff is concerned with this palette, but the shimmer shades give off a vibrant iridescence.

On my second scan around the beauty aisle I came upon the Nyx section and decided to give their affordable eye brown pencils a try. I chose the Micro brow pencil in the shade blonde. I will say that this color does not match my brows at all and if I were to repurchase it it would most likely be in the taupe shade. The blonde shade gives of an orange tint to the brows that I didn't find flattering on my particular complexion. The spooly on the product is wonderful and I think I might actually keep the pencil just for the spooly.

Stumbling upon the end of the makeup aisle I came to the small Rimmel London section and decided to try their Provocolips kiss proof lip colour in the shade "Kiss me you Fool." This lip color is VERY long lasting and waterproof to boot. I swatched this on the back of my hand and tried to wash it off to no prevail using a makeup wipe, water and soap, and then it finally came off when I used makeup remover. If you want a lip color that is going to last throughout the day or through an entire event I would definitely suggest this range.

After reaching the Rimmel London section, I left the beauty aisle and entered the skincare aisle. As I had previously purchased a couple items from Sephora I didn't pick much up. The Vichy Mineral 89 booster caught my eye because I had heard about it in both magazines and from other bloggers. I'm not going to give a full review of this product yet because I like to give a skincare product three weeks before I talk about it for you guys to see any effects it has on my skin. I will say so far so good, the first 24-hours I used this I did see visible changes in my skin that made it both softer and more hydrated. It has been a week now and my skin seems more hydrated, but I will keep you posted and possible do another blog post dedicated to this product and any other skincare products I have been trying out.

What is your favorite drugstore or affordable beauty product right now?


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