Tuesday, June 27, 2017

5 Easy Ways to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Having clean makeup brushes is a very important part of having a flawless makeup look. Not only can unclean makeup brushes harbor a bunch of bacteria causing unfavorable skin conditions, your makeup may not go on as smoothly if they are not clean. I repeat, you can get a more flawless finish if your makeup brushes are clean when applying makeup! What this means for me is that I want a no-fuss, easy way to to clean my makeup brushes that also doesn't damage them in the long run.

1. Sephora collection the natural: citrus brush cleanser- This handy and affordable brush cleanser ($6.50- $11.50 depending on size) is what I have been using recently to get a quick clean makeup brush for daily application of makeup. The spray itself is citrus oil based and has no appalling odor like some other cleansers have. This can be used on both synthetic and natural brushes and I have found is the easiest thing to use to clean my lightly soiled makeup brushes.

2. This next one is a mash up of a couple different things that your can switch around based on preference or what you have on hand. In the past I have used either baby shampoo (pictured is Aveeno Baby, but any baby shampoo will work) or dawn along with an oil like coconut oil (melted-let it cool a little so you don't burn your self!) or olive oil. The first thing I do mix together 1 parts cleanser to 1 part oil. Then I run my soiled brush through the mixture making sure to really work the concoction onto each hair/fiber by swishing my brush back in forth in the container I choose to use. Once I have done that I run my brush under warm water and with my hands work the mixture out of the brush either with my fingers or by running the brush back and forth on my palm until the water runs clear.

3. If you want to skip a cleanser and the completely natural route or just want to use items you may already have in your kitchen, coconut oil and lemon juice or vinegar work really well to clean brushes as well. Obviously I prefer the lemon juice because of the smell of vinegar but it all depends on user preference. Following the same steps outlined in number 2 I just work the grime out of my brushes and then run under warm water.

4. A Bar of soap, not my favorite of the methods but it is a choice if you have no other brush cleansing alternatives. Dampen the brush by quickly placing it under a running faucet. After the brush is slightly damp run the brush back and forth on the bar of soap making sure the soap is evenly dispersed throughout the brush. After the soap has been even dispersed follow the same steps as options 2 and 3. The soap pictured is by the brand Yardley London and is in the scent Oatmeal and Almond.

After using any of these methods I lay out a towel and allow my brushes to dry all day or over night depending on when I do my makeup.
5. Another option are cleaning mats, similar to this one by Sigma. I try to make a habit of cleaning my brushes at least two times a week but if you can do it everyday, all the power to you!

The brushes featured include the Sephora Pro Flawless airbrush number 56, an Ulta beauty crease brush, and two brushes by Real Techniques (the buffing brush and the stippling brush).

What is your favorite product or method for cleaning makeup brushes?
Have a great day!


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