Thursday, March 16, 2017

Instagram Roundup

This past month has been a hectic one with school and work dominating my life, but I love having time to post to my little corner of the internet and share what I have been doing. This past month I have been loving posting on Instagram (whosthemo), so I thought for those who are reading this who don't follow me on other platforms I would share a couple of my pictures from the past month. I have really enjoyed editing pictures and getting more creative with flat lays and other pictures and can't wait to incorporate more of these pictures into my blog. New posts are headed this way soon! I'm super excited to continue blogging and learning more about how to make my blog more creative and interesting. The following pictures were a couple of my favorites from the past month or so.

 This Tony Moly face mask was so relaxing and I enjoyed it with a glass of wine making it even more relaxing! Lately I have been really getting into pampering my skin with face mask and exploring and discovering new products.
These past two months have been crazy with the amount of snowfall and storms, the picture below was from the first horrible storm in February and it is the University of New Hampshire campus.
This outfit picture was my first outfit post on Instagram and I am in love with this top even though I did spill coffee all over it right after this picture!
The next picture was from the second storm in February and we got around 16 inches of snow it was insane, this is my backyard during the snowfall. 
The next couple pictures are flat lays or selfies that I took within the past month that were a couple of my favorites posts. 


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