Saturday, January 21, 2017

4 Top Fashion Favorites of 2016

2016 was definitely a year of attempting to find my own person style, I had some successes and some not so great choices along the way but I am super excited to see where 2017 brings me both fashionably and in every aspect of life.  This past year was definitely a busy one, I got the promotion at work I wanted so badly, I finally went back to school to study something that I have always been passionate about and loved, nutrition, and in March of 2016 I decided to change my eating patterns to a plant based vegan diet. I did take a long break from the blog to focus on school and work but now that I have found the balance I have been searching for for so long, I am super excited to dive back deep into my blog and make it truly a place to share all my passions whether it be fashion, food, beauty, or any adventures I may have. I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I love writing it and feel free to ask any questions! Anyways, back to the actual topic of this post, my 2016 fashion favorites.

It definitely took me a while to pick my fashion favorites for 2016, a year is a long time and trends do come and go, but I decided on 4 key pieces that I loved and wore the crud out of this past year. My first favorite is my J. crew puffer vest in the pattern: Herringbone. I have seen this vest all over social media, Pinterest, and everything in between. This vest makes me feel so confident, trendy, and comfortable when I where it and that is why I had to feature it in my favorites. I love wearing this whether it be with just a basic plain long sleeve or with a plaid shirt. The vest itself has held up amazingly well considering the amount of times I have actually worn it (if I actually counted it would probably be extremely embarrassing), and I will continuing wearing it until it falls apart.

Levi as a brand is iconic and recognizable as one of the best affordable denim brands on the market and they just so happen to be one of my favorite brands for jeans. My second 2016 favorite is the Levi's white high rise shorts pictured below. Obviously, I am not wearing them right now in the 17 degree (Fahrenheit) weather, but during the warmer summer months and late spring, I wore them at least twice a week if not more. These are great paired with a belt and a shirt tucked in, I own them in a basic medium wash as well.

The other item that is more summery or warm weather inspired is this romper, its a dark wine or burgundy color with a floral pattern, crisscross detail above the chest, and modest bell sleeves. For a while I had spotted one similar from Free People, but while shopping around I found this one at rue21 at the beginning of last summer it was around the $24 dollar mark if I remember correctly ( I could be wrong but I know it wasn't anymore than $25!). This looks so cute with brown sandals or little booties and to complete the look you could always add a belt. I haven't seen this one recently, however I know that Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 carry ones that are very similar.
I had to include a pair of shoes in my favorites, so I decided on these boots that are inspired by the ChloĆ© Susanna ankle boots. These were also from rue21 around the same time if not the same time that I picked up the romper. These booties have had their day and are super scuffed, but considering they carried me through the winter and I can still get some wear out of them means a lot when they were only around $34. Sadly they are no longer available on the rue21 site, but they pair great with any outfit whether it be with denim shorts, jeans, or even dresses and skirts.
I am still on my "fashion journey" and am enjoying every minute of it! I hope 2017 is a year of finding more of my own personal style and building a wardrobe that I am excited to look through and pick outfits from. I think my fashion resolution is to invest in good quality staple pieces that will always be in style and can stand the test of time. What is your 2017 fashion resolution, or any new years resolutions at that?

I hope you have a great day!

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