Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Sephora Holiday Bonus Sale Picks

 November 1st, this past Friday, kicked off the Sephora Holiday Bonus Sale! If you are VIB Rouge with Sephora's loyalty card you can get 20% off your entire purchase!! If you love beauty products just as much as I do, or just want to get a leg up on holiday shopping, this post is for you. I have curated a collection of items that I have personally used and loved, and items I am purchasing from the sale.

Friday, November 1, 2019

I'm back and Cold Weather Essentials Series

Hello, long time no chat! I have been dealing with a couple pregnancy related complications which I plan on discussing in separate posts (don't worry everything is okay!). I thought I would start posting again as my summer schedule as begun to decrease and the demand on my time is less, that is until the baby comes this month...but because I'll be home more often I think I'll be able to start blogging again. I wanted to start a new series of posts that would go up over a period of a month as the weather shifts and have it include the items needed for the chilly winter. New Hampshire gets a lot of snow starting very soon and I think its important to be prepared with good quality essentials that can keep you comfortable and healthy this winter season. This series will also include health related items as well as a few recipes. I have missed getting creative on the blog and can't wait to do some new and different posts on here that are not just fashion related.
I feel like winter has such a nostalgic place in my heart because not only does it include my birthday, Christmas, and New Years, but it will now include the birth of my son. There is something so comforting about sitting at home with nothing to do other than snuggling up on the couch and watching Netflix with a good cup of coffee and snacks. In previous years I would shovel the drive way (my least favorite task-but hey its so rewarding when its done), but since the baby is coming I won't be doing it this year!! Woot Woot! So more time to dedicate to posting on the blog and spending time with the little one. I can't wait to get back on a consistent schedule and start chatting with you again. Happy November 1st!

Saturday, August 10, 2019

4 July Lifestyle Favorites

July happens to be on of my favorite months of the year besides October (Halloween...DUH!) and December (Christmas and New Years). I love that it finally feels like summer, all the farmers markets are happening, the sun is out, and I just to get to enjoy the outdoors more in general. Being pregnant has had me experiencing summer completely different than previous years, not only do I have a busy schedule, but I also have to take time for self care and health. Each of these items have been amazing this month whether it be to brighten my mood, keep organized, or keep me hydrated. Do you have a favorite lifestyle item for the month of July? Let me know in the comments below.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

6 Tips to Cool Down in Warm Weather

We are well into the dog days of summer so I thought a post about cooling down would be especially useful for those unbearable days. Maybe because Im pregnant, but I feel like this warm weather is making me even more tired than usual. Even just sitting at my desk typing this I feel like I just want to close my eyes and go to sleep. I kept telling myself there has to be a way to not feel like this all the time! So lately I have been implementing ways to wake myself up and cool down, because I got stuff to do and this weather is not going to stand in my way!

Saturday, August 3, 2019

July Beauty Favorites

During the summer I tend to wear less makeup and focus more on skincare due to the warmer weather. The month of July was just that, if I wore any makeup it was just mascara, brows, and lip gloss. I definitely feel like I'm more of a gloss girl compared to lipsticks especially in the summer they are just so easy to pop on and refreshing, especially if it has a nice minty scent like the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer. I have the light pink shade and keep this in my purse. I used it everyday that I was out and about. It gives the lips a nice sheen and a little bit of a plumping effect (if your looking for something drastic I would probably not pick this one, the Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme one gives a nice plumping effect). However, I still like it for daily use and the packaging is chic and clean in my opinion, so its nice to keep in the purse.
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